Company Profile

Slatts Group was founded on the principle of creating direct marketing solutions for business. The bottom line is that our company is not successful unless our advertising campaigns provide effective results for you. With over 30 years of experience, Slatts Group has withstood the test of time by exceeding the expectations of our clientele. Our purpose is to influence your customer through creative, traditional direct response advertising and targeted online campaigns.

Launched by Ambition

In 1978, Slatts Group originated as a Cincinnati, Ohio Valpak franchise. CEO and Co-founder, Robert Slattery, has expanded the business into multiple diverse businesses. Our host of promotional products range from traditional customer-oriented coupon envelopes & magazines, unique consumer-based periodicals, solo mail, successful evolution of new on-line venues, local, regional, and national event marketing opportunities, and more. On-going innovations allow us to build your business with our creative advertising campaigns.

Expansion Into Retail, Hospitality and Service Businesses

In the last decade Slatts Group expanded into pet equipment manufacturing, recreational dog parks, on-line travel, and restaurant and event marketing business units. The focus in the next decade is to leverage the success of these business units and create scalable business models that can be expanded throughout the US.

Pioneering Success

The Slatts Group story is about innovation and entrepreneurship, customer service, and community spirit. It’s about the thousands of employees and customers that created our growth. It’s about keeping in perspective what got us here and imagining where we can go to next.