About Us

So often, it’s a lack of brand awareness that sees potentially loyal customers and dedicated companies failing to connect. It can be heartbreaking, but there’s help. Valpak of Western Pennsylvania loves playing matchmaker and uses its suite of digital and print solutions to bring businesses and consumers together. Let our direct mail advertising, featuring the iconic Blue Envelope® of coupons, and our digital marketing services woo customers to your business.

Our coupon envelope can introduce your business to as many as 250,000 qualified households in Western PA, but we’ve made it easy for you to target the most relevant neighborhoods. We use postal routes and other designations to group every set of 10,000 households into what we call NTAs (Neighborhood Trade Areas). And you can mail to as many or few of these NTAs as you like.

We make reaching these neighborhoods affordable through our shared mail concept. Filling our envelopes with offers from a wide range of companies brings down the advertising costs for everyone on board.

Mail monthly or seasonally and choose exactly how you want to present your business to your selected NTAs: cardstock insertssingle-panel coupons, unique imprinting, circularsenvelope cover advertising – or leave the competition behind, quite literally, with our solo direct mailings.

Our Team

Bernie Kuminkoski General Manager